Aleutian numbers building at San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge

Ducks Unlimited recently completed its second year of work on Phase I of a restoration project at San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge, and the results are already paying off.

In the attached video taken by EEO Greg Jackson, an estimated 8-10K Aleutian Geese take to the sky in the early morning hours, up from 2-3K the previous week.

This project was the first step to address USFWS concerns on how to manage floodwaters. The scope of the project was to divide the lake basin into three managed units. One unit would be managed seasonally for moist-soil while two other units would be managed as a semi-permanent emergent marsh. New water control structures in each unit were installed to facilitate off-site run-off and to manage water levels between the three units. Construction was completed in October 2016, and the site got its first test when the site was flooded in February 2017