Avista Corporation and DU Partner to Improve Habitat in Idaho

Ducks Unlimited and Avista Corporation have collaborated on several projects to restore and enhance floodplain wetlands and riparian habitats in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. The most recent example is the Shadowy St. Joe River Project near St. Maries, Idaho. Beginning in 2010, Avista and DU restored 120 acres of degraded wetlands and fallow agricultural fields by improving hydrology and water management. Nonnative grasses and weeds were also removed to restore native plant communities.

In 2019, Avista worked with DU to identify other areas in need of improvement on the property. Last summer, Avista and DU began the first phase of habitat enhancement work, including restoration of a 12-acre upland and riparian area. Future activities include the removal of noxious plant species, preparation of the seed bed and planting area, extensive seeding and planting of native vegetation, and monitoring until plants are established. These efforts will benefit a variety of wildlife, including waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds, raptors, deer, elk and moose.