California Celebrates Native as DU President

For those that missed the news from the DU National Convention last week, or have been living in a cave the last six months, California’s own Paul Bonderson was elected as DU President on Saturday, May 30th, taking over duties from George Dunklin, Jr.

“I was honored to be elected as president of such a great organization,” Bonderson said after the election. “I have worked with Ducks Unlimited for quite some time, and I couldn’t be more proud to serve as its president for the next two years.”

Bonderson plans on continuing to make the western drought a focus during his time in office.

“As a native of California and a lifelong duck hunter in the Central Valley, our current drought situation is of great concern to me and all residents of the state,” Bonderson said. “Ducks Unlimited has long played a role in resolving water issues in the West. However, we have reached a point where water use and availability will now be a primary factor in our ability to engage effectively in conservation delivery and policy with our partners in this part of the country.”

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