California Waterfowl Habitat Program is now accepting applications

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recently announced that the application period for the California Waterfowl Habitat Program (CWHP), also referred to as the Presley Program, is now open through August 30.

California State Senator Robert Presley introduced the California Waterfowl Habitat Preservation Act in 1987 in response to the widespread loss of wetland habitat in the state. The Act established a multi-faceted wetland incentive program designed to improve habitat for waterfowl on private lands.

Management activities conducted during the first 14 years of the program have resulted in increased food supplies for wintering waterfowl, optimal foraging depths for waterfowl and shorebirds, and summer wetlands crucial to breeding ducks, shorebirds, and a host of other wetland wildlife. To date, the CWHP has enrolled 29,295 acres of habitat on 126 properties throughout the Central Valley.

For more information on how you can become involved with this program, please visit the California Waterfowl Habitat Program page.