DU habitat work in Washington state spotlighted

Skagit Valley Herald

Ducks Unlimited is currently working on a notable wetlands restoration project just outside of Mt. Vernon, Washington, by partnering with the Skagit Land Trust to create a stream channel and riparian zone within a former ag field. The project was recently highlighted by the Skagit Valley Herald.

In the early 1900s, Trumpeter Creek was straightened into a deep ditch that improved drainage for agriculture on the land around it, Skagit Land Trust Conservation Director Michael Kirshenbaum said.

Restoring 3,000 feet of the creek on Skagit Land Trust property to a meandering flow will improve water quality and benefit fish.

DU Regional Biologist C.K. Eidem is the lead on the project and spoke to the paper about the eventual benefits

In addition to improving water quality in Trumpeter Creek, the project will allow the area to take on more floodwater during the wet season. That will create wetland habitat used by fish, frogs and birds, said C.K. Eidem, regional biologist for Ducks Unlimited.


Project partners said neighboring fields will continue to be farmed for hay and other crops after the project is complete.


“This project will be especially cool for us because we’re going to keep these working pastures, which are really good for geese,” Eidem said.

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