DU Magazine spotlights California’s water history

DU Magazine recently featured an in-depth piece on California’s complex relationship with water and the loss of historic wetlands in the state.

The article focused on Ducks Unlimited’s work with partners to bring large habitat projects to fruition, demonstrating how the organization is positioning itself to help combat California’s growing issues with an aging water infrastructure system.

Ducks Unlimited has been conserving habitat across California since the 1980s, and almost every acre was conserved through some form of partnership. Because of the high costs of construction, land, and just about everything else in the state, working together with outside groups has become a necessity.

“We couldn’t get anything done without partnerships,” Biddlecomb explains. “Rarely can one group or agency afford to complete a restoration project on its own. Ducks Unlimited excels at bringing groups to the table and getting them to agree on a certain direction and cooperatively fund projects. It takes coordination, facilitation, and dollars. It’s a lot of people coming together to get things done.”

To read the entire piece on Ducks.org, click here.