DU Pushing Dirt in Nevada

Several citizens of Carson City, Nevada had been recently questioning the presence of active construction equipment moving earth around nearby Buzzy’s Ranch, located in the southeast section of town. Is it for a housing development? A shopping center? Turns out Ducks Unlimited is in the middle of a two-month project to improve 125 acres on Buzzy’s Ranch, which will eventually provide wetlands habitat for wildlife in the area.

According to the Nevada Appeal:

The property is being excavated to rebuild two washed-out berms and a swale that meanders across three pastures.

In addition, five new and five replaced water control structure flashboard risers are being installed as is a perimeter fence to better manage grazing of the site.

When that’s done, the berms and land will be revegetated.

All that will enable the three pastures to be irrigated separately, provide better drainage, and improve the wildlife habitat.

The area is home to Canada geese, yellow-headed black birds, ducks, marsh wren, white-faced ibis, sandhill cranes and Virginia rails.

The project is one of 11 in the Carson Sink area that DU is working on.