DU takes part in Idaho youth banding event

Ducks Unlimited’s Post Falls and Panhandle Chapters recently helped organize a successful duck banding event on the Schlepp Easement in North Idaho, in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

With 50 parents and children in attendance, including DU Biologist Chris Bonsignore, IDFG walked the group through the banding process and identified the waterfowl on hand, including mallards and Cinnamon Teal, one wood duck, and one interesting cross breed that made for a fun topic of discussion.

Each youngster banded at least one duck, with some left over for the adults participating. Jeff Morrison of the Post Falls Chapter also honored four veterans with DU challenge coins, and all who attended walked away with a handful of DU gear. IDFG staff also displayed a new and rare backpack tracker that can be affixed to Cinnamon Teal and hits cell towers as the birds migrate, transmitting data.

According to the USFWS, biologists band more than 200,000 ducks and nearly 150,000 geese and swans in North America each year, which is used to estimate annual harvest rates and even annual survival rates for some waterfowl species via recovery data.