DU volunteers in Oregon work on special nesting project

Ducks Unlimited’s Bend Chapter participated in a special duck nesting project last month, elevating special grass-lined tubes several feet above water and surrounding plants to help ducks lay their eggs out of the reach of predators.

Partnering with Mountain View High School’s chapter of Future Farmers, the DU group sacrificed part of their Presidents’ Day weekend to ensure that mallard eggs along the banks of the Deschutes River have a better chance of surviving predator attacks.

Chris Dittman, of Ducks Unlimited, said the tubes could quadruple the percentage of eggs that survive predators.

“From a conservation perspective, we’re just trying to fill the sky with more waterfowl,” Dittman said.

Bend Bulletin

According to the Bend Bulletin, the tubes are constructed of wire mesh, rolled into a cylinder and covered with grass, which helps keep the eggs insulated. The tubes are then affixed horizontally to metal pipes that are hammered into the marshy ground.

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