Ducks Love Rice

photo courtesy California Rice Commision

Our good friends at the California Rice Commission recently invited Virginia Getz, Ducks Unlimited’s manager of conservation programs for the Western Regional Office, to appear on the most recent episode of their popular podcast Ingrained.

Virginia touched on a range of subjects with host Jim Morris and Luke Matthews, a wildlife programs manager for Cal Rice, including the role rice producers play in providing waterfowl habitat in Northern California.

Jim Morris: So what can DU do to try to maintain that rice habitat and a healthy duck population here in the Central Valley?

Virginia Getz: DU has an excellent working relationship with the rice industry and rice farmers in the Sacramento Valley. Ricelands are essential for supporting wintering waterfowl populations and therefore we work closely with rice interests on policy, outreach, and funding programs to help maintain a large rice base in the region. We provided an incentive program for farmers to implement winter flooding as an alternative to burning, to decompose their rice straw, and that helped establish flooding as a standard practice for straw decomposition. DU also hold 12 conservation easements that permanently protect about five thousand acres of ricelands in key areas in the Sacramento Valley

To listen/download Ingrained: The California Rice Podcast or read a transcript of the episode, click here.

And thanks again to the California Rice Commission!