Ducks Unlimited purchases important Washington property for conservation

Ducks Unlimited recently partnered with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to purchase 1,100 acres of land near Westport in Grays Harbor County. The new property features diverse natural resources, including large freshwater and saltwater wetland areas and old-growth Sitka spruce trees

The site will eventually provide additional recreation opportunities, including hiking, birding, and big-game and waterfowl hunting. Public access will initially be on a walk-in basis from the perimeter of the property, as plans to improve access are ongoing.

“The new addition to the Elk River Unit is one of those truly special properties,” said Greg Green, Ducks Unlimited manager of conservation programs. “The opportunity to purchase and protect a large property near the coast with such ecological and recreational diversity is unique. Ducks Unlimited is pleased to have provided a major supporting role for WDFW on this effort, and we look forward to future restoration and public use planning.”