Ducks Unlimited takes part in Pacific Flyway Center Outreach Event

Ducks Unlimited joined other wildlife organizations/major partners in an open outreach event on Tuesday, July 25 to help educate the public on the proposed Pacific Flyway Center, a major interpretive and educational facility that will one day inspire wildlife conservation and land stewardship.

Located in Fairfield, Calif. along Interstate 680, the Pacific Flyway Center’s main attraction will offer the opportunity for children and adults to experience the beauty of the Flyway’s wildlife firsthand through pathways that allow visitors to walk along the Suisun Marsh. Visitors will be able to experience the Flyway while inspiring support for the conservation of the Flyway’s wildlife, wetlands, and watersheds. The center, the vision of the late Ken Hofmann, is in the planning and design phase of its development.

From the Daily Republic:

“This is going to be so big. It’s really going to lift all other boats,” said Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Moy, who was one of several city officials who stopped by the event. “I’m really looking forward to the educational element and potential.”

The city is working with planners to try to mitigate concerns over increased traffic flow and other impacts to local neighborhoods, Moy said, but she felt those issues could be well-addressed through some forethought.

Many of the center’s partners were hopeful the facility could serve as a hub of understanding for the public in terms of conservation and education.

“Our connection is looking at ways to improve education and teaching,” said Andy Engilis, curator of the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology at the University of California, Davis. UC Davis could be involved with the project in numerous ways, Engilis said, including some student teaching opportunities, as well as active field research for UC Davis students.