DU’s Bay Coast team working on essential levee repairs in SF Bay Area

by DU Staff

Recent heavy winter rains combined with a number of other factors to create extensive levee damage at the Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area, just north of San Francisco across the San Pablo Bay.

High tide events, local stream flows, and upland runoff at the Camp Two and Wingo Units of at the wildlife area resulted in extensive damage that Ducks Unlimited and its partners are currently involved in repairing, including levee overtopping, back-slope erosion, and multiple levee breaches.

The flooding threatened the integrity of the elevated SMART rail line that bisects the site and inundated an agricultural access easement through the site. DU is overseeing this emergency repair work, which is essential for the protection of seasonal freshwater wetlands and associated grasslands.

Ducks Unlimited is collaborating with the Northwestern Pacific Railroad to haul material along the tracks to enable levee repair. But flooding has plagued the site at times and limited opportunities for access.

Cullinan Ranch Restoration Project

Last winter’s storms also caused extensive erosion along this levee which protects managed wetland habitat on Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area and provides public access to the area and the Cullinan Ranch Unit of San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Ducks Unlimited is currently working with US Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct essential levee repairs to protect infrastructure and facilities at the Cullinan Ranch.