Find out about DU’s work in Alaska with the dusky Goose

New Ducks Unlimited intern Evan Ward has recently started blogging about his experiences working on Alaska’s dusky Canada Goose project.

Ward joins a wildlife team on Chugach National Forest, Prince William Sound management Zone assisting in the dusky Canada Goose nest island program, which is managed by the US Forest Service and includes monitoring and maintaining nesting platforms (nest islands) that assist in the nest success of the dusky Canada goose on the Copper River Delta. To accomplish the annual nest island assessment, this position will be part of a field crew in a remote field camp, only accessible by boat, in the heart of the Copper River Delta.

Hey y’all, my name is Evan Ward and I am working up in Cordova, Alaska as the new Ducks Unlimited Intern. I will be working with the Forest Service on the Dusky Canada Goose project, so this blog will be to inform you of everything that takes place with the project as well as my personal adventures up here. This is an amazing opportunity for me and I hope this blog can make you feel like you’re living up here too!

So, here’s a little more background about the project. Dusky Canada geese are a subspecies of Canada geese that primarily breed on the Copper River Delta in Alaska. In 1964, an earthquake elevated regions of the copper river delta which effectively altered the habitat, allowing more shrubs and trees to grow in the marsh making the dusky geese and their nests more susceptible to depredation. The higher rates of depredation lead to the decrease in the dusky Canada geese population which at one point was fewer than 10,000 individuals. The nest island program was started to provide the geese with safer nesting sites and I will be helping to maintain and monitor over 300 of these structures this summer.

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