Help DU Protect and Restore The Bay

The San Francisco Bay Area is headed towards a pivotal vote in the upcoming June 7 election that will play an important role in the future of the Bay. If passed by 2/3 of the total Bay Area voters, Measure AA will restore wetlands throughout SF Bay through a $12 annual parcel tax that could also leverage more state and federal funds for the area, which now receives much less federal support for water quality improvement and restoration work than other major watersheds. Ducks Unlimited is proud to join California leaders, conservation groups, and businesses in endorsing the measure, and asks its members in the nine county region to help Protect and Restore The Bay.

Join Senator Dianne Feinstein and environmental, business and community leaders from across the Bay Area in voting YES on Measure AA on June 7 for a clean and healthy San Francisco Bay. This measure is critical to restoring wetlands and protecting wildlife habitat for future generations throughout the Bay Area.

San Francisco Bay is a part of all of our lives – whether we live along the Bay; work there; walk, jog, or visit parks along its shores; or simply appreciate it as we drive over a bridge. The Bay also attracts tourists, supports commercial fishing and attracts quality employers to the region – all of which help keep our economy strong.

But pollution and other problems have put the health of the Bay at serious risk. Fish in the Bay are contaminated with harmful chemicals like PCBs, mercury and pesticides.

Measure AA will restore wetlands throughout the Bay Area, which provide habitat for fish and wildlife and filter out pollutants from water to reduce toxins that threaten the ecosystem. Wetlands also act as a natural barrier against flooding and provide urban recreational open space, a resource we all cherish.