IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Financial fallout of coronavirus has hit nonprofits hard. Here’s how Congress can help.

DU President Rogers Hoyt penned an op-ed in USA TODAY on Friday to highlight the new reality for America’s nonprofit organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how Congress can help. Read this important piece to find out how nonprofits are being affected.

With active projects in 335 counties in 39 different states, the widespread influence of Ducks Unlimited and impact of its mission is evident. Since July 2019, Ducks Unlimited has employed more than 1,500 local contractors and small businesses while injecting more than $81 million into those economies. In doing so, our organization has provided greater opportunities to enjoy nature, a vital resource during the current shelter-in-place guidelines across the country. In addition, the organization’s projects have made water and air cleaner, providing a more sustainable and enjoyable future in the communities where we work.

Fortunately, Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn., are offering one bipartisan solution — the Save our Organizations that Serve Act. This bill provides the same relief to many nonprofits that other businesses are already receiving by expanding eligibility for nonprofits to receive forgivable loans to help make payroll and pay operating expenses.

This measure could enable many nonprofits to retain hundreds of hardworking and knowledgeable employees whose jobs are severely threatened during this crisis. These employees are on the front lines providing critical infrastructure for agriculture and caring for the most vulnerable among us. More effective relief for nonprofits must be included in any future stimulus package negotiated by congressional leaders in Washington.