Project Update: Grayland Acquisition Project

Ducks Unlimited is halfway towards its fundraising goal for the purchase and perpetual land protection of the Grayland Acquisition Project, which will result in the conservation of more than 1,750 acres of highly diverse and threatened habitats along the Washington coast, including 1,060 acres of nationally and regionally declining wetland types. Located in Grays Harbor County, Washington approximately two miles south of the town of Westport, the Grayland Acquisition Project is an exciting and strategic opportunity to protect a large and unique parcel within the Grays Harbor/Chehalis River estuary, which is the fourth largest estuary on the West Coast.

The Grayland property’s diversity, size and location make it an excellent candidate for conservation funding. It contains more than 1,100 acres of palustrine and estuarine wetland habitats including managed wetlands, diked-baylands, tidal marshes, forested wetlands, wet meadow and interdunal wet/swale complexes. In addition to the wetland habitats, the property also contains grasslands, timberblands, and dunes and is surrounded by existing conservation lands in Elk River Natural Resource Conservation Area and Twin Harbors State Park. It is also located within close proximity to other state and federal public lands including Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, Johns River Wildlife Area, and Graylands Beach State Park. The diverse habitat of the property supports a wide range of wildlife species including waterfowl, shorebirds, elk, deer, marbled murrelet, bald eagle, black bear and river otters.

This project will ultimately protect a unique conservation property on the Washington coast and create public use opportunities that are ecologically and economically compatible with the residents and visitors or the area. Upon closing, Ducks Unlimited will transfer ownership and management responsibilities to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.