Staff Spotlight: Steve Carroll

The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture recently profiled Steve Carroll, who is Ducks Unlimited’s supervising engineer in the Bay Area and has had a hand in such notable projects such as Cullinan Ranch, Sear’s Point and Bair Island. Steve has over 20 years of engineering and restoration experience within the environmental field and has been directly responsible for the engineering design and construction of over 40,000 acres of seasonal and tidal wetland restoration and enhancement projects totaling $60 million in project funding agreements.

“My passion for being outdoors was imprinted upon me by my grandfather who took me backpacking, fishing, and exploring all over California, throughout my childhood. Many of those memories are some of my most cherished. I am very fortunate to have found a career that not only keeps me engaged with nature but puts me in a position to help ensure that quality habitat will persist for future generations of wildlife and people.

And although not yet two, his daughter “appears to have the same genetic disposition for being outside and ‘wild.’ Ironically, her favorite toys consist of a wood decoy she calls ‘big duck’ and an entourage of rubber ducks. Rarely will she leave the house without them. Every chance we get we head outside to explore, currently to the beach or Marin open space, but before too long we will be headed off to the backcountry just like I did with my grandfather.”

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