water for wetlands

DU Pushing Dirt in Nevada

Several citizens of Carson City, Nevada had been recently questioning the presence of active construction equipment moving earth around nearby Buzzy’s Ranch, located in the southeast section of town. Is it for a housing development? A shopping [...]

December 10, 2016 // 712 Comments

Reminder to get out and vote!

As the day descends into afternoon in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, DU’s Western Regional Office would like to remind its members to make their votes count by heading to the polls before they close this evening. Of particular importance [...]

November 4, 2014 // 644 Comments

Promoting the plight of waterfowl during a drought

Ducks Unlimited is teaming with several other conservancy groups in a coalition dubbed Water for Wetlands, which includes Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, Point Blue, Wildlife Defenders, and the California Waterfowl Association, to raise public [...]

August 8, 2014 // 623 Comments