The Radiant Biologist

Virginia Getz. courtesy DUCKS UNLIMITED

Ducks Unlimited biologist Virginia Getz was recently profiled by the Northern California Water Association in a wonderful piece detailing her decades of work in the Sacramento Valley.

Getz grew up in California and attended UC Davis, eventually landing at Ducks Unlimited in the early 2000’s.

Today, Getz is the conservation programs manager, which means she oversees habitat conservation in California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Arizona.

Her challenge is no longer finding work but finding ways to make the program she oversees work as efficiently as possible.

“Good science isn’t enough; demand and costs of water may be putting birds at risk,” said Getz. “We have to find ways to ensure habitat and population gains we’ve made since the 1980s don’t slip in the coming years.”

Bird populations and duck habitats rely on water spread out on wetlands and ricelands throughout the Sacramento Valley during the winter months.

“We are heavily reliant on agricultural lands for waterfowl habitat, which means it is more critical than ever that we work in partnership with farmers to ensure a balance for crops and wildlife,” said Getz.

NCWA is committed to advancing the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of the Sacramento Valley by enhancing and preserving its water rights, supplies, and water quality for the rich mosaic of farmlands, cities and rural communities, refuges and managed wetlands, and meandering rivers. NCWA is made up of the water districts, water companies, small towns, rural communities and landowners that beneficially use both surface and groundwater resources in the Sacramento Valley.

To read the full feature on Virginia’s work for Ducks Unlimited, click here.