Utah volunteers successfully advocate for new Waterfowl Management Area

DU volunteers met at the Utah State Capitol to learn the value of public policy for DU's on-the-ground conservation mission

Thanks in part to efforts of Ducks Unlimited volunteers, Utah Governor Gary Herbert recently signed Representative Casey Snider’s bill (House Bill 265) creating the Willard Spur Waterfowl Management Area, often referred to as the ‘Valhalla’ of Utah duck hunting, which will designate 13,900 acres of new waterfowl management area at the north end of the Great Salt Lake.

Ducks Unlimited’s Western Region Director of Public Policy Gary Link spent time in Utah over the fall training dedicated DU volunteers from Utah on how to become amazing advocates for DU’s conservation goals by working with local elected state representatives. Representative Snider knows the value of wetland conservation and was impressed with the outreach he and Governor Herbert received from Utah’s DU public policy volunteers supporting the bill.

“As a lifelong waterfowler and proud member of Ducks Unlimited, I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with DU staff, volunteers, and other members of the waterfowling community to highlight this critical piece of the Great Salt Lake. I look forward to continuing to work with DU in the future to protect the places we hunt and our heritage,” said Snider.

Link added, “With the help of major gifts and our tremendous volunteers, DU is ramping up efforts in Utah to provide water for waterfowl areas, duck clubs and the Great Salt Lake itself. We are grateful to our volunteers for their help and their perseverance for wetlands.”

Representative Casey Snider testifying on HB 265 (Willard Spur Waterfowl Mangement bill) in committee with his DU duckhead pin proudly displayed on his lapel.