Watch DU’s newest online film following Washington’s Paul and Suzanne Sullivan

Ducks Unlimited has released the latest film in its online series. In “Paul’s Pond,” Paul and Suzanne Sullivan of Washington State share their commitment to Ducks Unlimited and waterfowl conservation

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Paul has spent most of his life hunting waterfowl. He owns and operates Burbank Guide Service in the Columbia River basin of Washington State. “Nothing attracted me like ducks and geese did,” he said. “I’ve made it into not only my passion but my business.”

Guiding hunters since 1977, the Sullivan’s developed a long relationship with Ducks Unlimited. Suzanne is the incoming Washington State DU chairperson, taking over that duty in June.

She explains her husband Paul’s commitment to conserving waterfowl resources in the film. “Everything he does has to be compatible for wildlife. Everything he does has to be a conservation effort,” she said.

“Ducks Unlimited has played a large role in our family,” said Paul. “It’s part of who we are and who we have been for many, many years.

It’s important to Paul that his family continue the legacy he began long ago.
“Our future is in our kids and our grand kids,” he said. “For us to carry on with this tradition of hunting and the great outdoors, we have to introduce them to the things we enjoy and believe in.”