Why migratory bird Joint Ventures help the ducks

Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall recently shared his insights in the DU Magazine on the North America Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) and the benefits to DU from the Joint Ventures, which are partnerships made of private industry and landowners working alongside government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and tribes to build and sustain a healthy world for birds, other wildlife, and people.

In the Western Region, there are five different Joint Ventures which Ducks Unlimited is a part of and works heavily with: the Pacific Birds Habitat, Intermountain West, Central Valley Habitat, San Francisco Bay, and Sonoran.

Less known are the Joint Ventures, which were established under the NAWMP to be geographic “teams” of scientists representing all stakeholders in order to address the needs and possible partnership actions that could be undertaken. As with all our work, science drives the discussions and is the end measurement against which all actions are judged. Today, every state is covered by one of the 24 Joint Ventures. Since their creation, Joint Ventures have invested over $4.5 billion to conserve more than 27 million acres of critical habitat for wildlife and people, matching every appropriated dollar with $31 in nonfederal funds!

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