Work completed at Jackson Bottoms Wetlands Preserve

Ducks Unlimited recently completed work on Pintail Pond at Oregon’s Jackson Bottoms Wetland Preserve to help keep the pond at a steady level during the rainy season.

Pintail is on the southern edge of the preserve, and is a former settling pond for wastewater treatment. A levy and pathway remain above the pond, but parks officials say the pond is being restored to a more natural marsh than before. The bottom of the basin is more sloped, allowing water to evaporate in a more natural way than the flat-bottomed pond. The surface also includes several piles of stumps and tree roots, giving wildlife places to find shelter.

Representatives from several of the city’s many partners on the Pintail Pond project gathered for a short ceremony Thursday, Oct. 12, at a new viewing structure nestled on the pond’s southeastern edge.

Ducks Unlimited previously worked to restore and create between 55 and 79 acres of wetland habitat in the northeast area of the preserve at Wapato Marsh. The project established three large wetland units using soil from the “elephant mounds” excavation to build berms that hold water on the site longer in the summer to control the growth of invasive reed canary grass and enhance wildlife habitat.

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